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Light Up the Holidays 🎄 Christmas Card

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    The tree isn't the only thing getting lit this year!


    Illuminate the festive season with our Light Up the Holidays Christmas Card! Perfect for anyone who wants to add a twinkle of joy and a sparkle of cheer to their celebrations. 🎄✨

    Why It's Lit:

    💡 Festive Glow: Adorned with a radiant array of Christmas lights, this card captures the magical essence of the holiday season.

    📜 Elegant Script: “Light Up the Holidays” written in graceful script adds a touch of elegance and warmth, ensuring your holiday wishes are both stylish and heartfelt.

    🎨 Bright and Merry: Set against a crisp white background, the colorful lights shine even brighter, creating a cheerful and festive vibe.

    💌 Quality and Care: Printed on premium cardstock, this card delivers your holiday greetings with excellence and durability.

    📸 Picture-Perfect: Ideal for those Instagram holiday snaps, this card is sure to light up any social feed and spread joy far and wide.

    Send a radiant message of joy and festivity with the Light Up the Holidays Christmas Card. It’s the perfect way to brighten up the season and share the holiday spirit in style. Grab yours and let’s illuminate the celebrations together! 💌💖 #LightUpTheHolidays #FestiveJoy #BrightenTheSeason

    **Pre-Roll Not Included**

    Product Options: 

    KUSHKARD (with designated space for Pre-Roll/Matchbooks)
    ONE HITTER CARD (includes a One Hitter)


    Product Details:

    Blank Inside

    Included: Card, Envelope, Plastic Packaging

    Design Details: 

    Front Message:

    Inside Message: 

    Size: 4.25" x 5.5"

    Includes: Greeting Card, One-Hitter Pipe, Envelope, Plastic Wrap

    Patent Pending.

    Elegant Christmas card with a white background, adorned with colorful Christmas lights and &
    Elegant Christmas card with a white background, adorned with colorful Christmas lights and &

    Customer Reviews

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    The perfect holiday card

    It arrived in a timely manner, no bent corners or rips, the packaging was so cute, and I was able to fit the joint I bought separately in the spot provided…with a little handwritten note inside to personalize it 😚👌