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"KushKards embraces cannabis culture with punny salutations like “light up the holidays” and “joint to the world.”

Cards ($7-$10) come with either a one-hitter attached or a slot where a pre-rolled joint can be inserted. The company also sells gift bags with tissue paper ($12) featuring what Miele calls a “polka pot” design — think polka dots, but with weed leaves instead of circles.

They’re not only clever, but they’re also incredibly cute. Moreover, they’re legal to mail to friends far and wide, as long as you don’t attach marijuana. As someone who recently harvested several homegrown plants, KushKards are the top item on my wish list as I plan gift-giving to friends in Colorado this year.

The idea for KushKards started simply, according to Miele. Back in 2013, she wanted to gift a friend cannabis for Christmas and was tired of stuffing a dime bag in a totally irrelevant Hallmark card. Instead, the Fashion Institute of Technology grad decided to print her own greeting card and hand-sew some blunts on it to form her friend’s initials.“Ever since then, I knew I had something,” Miele said. “Nobody was doing it, so I said ‘Blunt cards it is.’ " - READ MORE ON THE DENVER POST

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Transferring Professional Skills into the Cannabis IndustryA New York native and Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, Miele began her professional career as a fashion and novelty designer – a.k.a., she’s never been a stranger to making items that are stylish, congenial, and aesthetically-pleasing. However, applying those skills to the cannabis industry was something she never could have imagined for herself.“I had no idea I would be in the cannabis industry.

I had no idea I would be an entrepreneur: KushKards was a high-dea. It was a very special way of getting into the industry and spreading love with our weed greeting cards,” Miele said.Miele first came up with the idea to meet her own desires to gift cannabis to her friends in a more creative and personable way. Tired of stuffing baggies of weed and joints into Hallmark cards or manila envelopes, she decided to take matters into her own hands and design something that made sense specifically for the purpose of sharing the plant with others.“I was already the card person, and I was also the cannabis consumer.

And then one day, I had a moment where I thought, ‘Why don’t I merge them?’” Miele said.“We all love to sell it, smoke it, and enjoy the plant, so why not make a fun way to do that? And it’s more than just cards – there’s stockings, gift wrap, gift boxes…the goal is to really become the Hallmark of cannabis.”Miele is well on her way to making that dream reality


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KushKards in The Museum of Weed @weedmaps
KushKards in The Museum of Weed @weedmaps