About Us

🔥 Get Lit with KushKards - The Ultimate Statement from Denver! 🔥

Yo! Welcome to the dope domain of KushKards – straight outta Denver, Colorado, where we keep it real and roll it right. This ain't your grandma's greeting card shop; this is where the cool kids come to sling some sass and share the love with a side of swagger.

Enter Lauren Miele, our fearless Founder & CEO, who's been serving up attitude and artistry since we fired up this joint back in 2015. Lauren’s the queen of the scene, designing each of our cards to hit you like a good buzz – smooth, surprising, and with a little bit of edge.

At KushKards, we're all about that high-grade connection. You’ve got something to say? Say it with a card that's as fierce as you are. Because let's face it, in a world full of email and emoji, nothing slaps harder than a handcrafted message that comes with a little something extra. (Wink, wink.)

We're here to celebrate the go-getters, the midnight tokers, and the everyday rollers. When it's time to send a smoke signal that screams "you're freaking awesome," we've got you covered with the sassiest, classiest cards this side of the Rockies. Because a little bit of paper and a whole lot of personality goes a long way.

So whether you’re lighting up a birthday, fanning the flames of romance, or just wanna say “high,” KushKards is your backstage pass to the most lit greetings in town.

Raise your lighter to the sky, babes. With KushKards, it’s not just about making a statement – it’s about owning it.

Keep it bold. Keep it blunt. Keep it 100 💯

With all the fire and none of the smoke, The KushKards Krew

🌪 Blaze your trail. Leave ‘em shook. 🌪