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Kush On You Toker Poker Gift Bag Set

Kush On You Toker Poker Gift Bag Set

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Product Description:

The 'Kush On You Toker Poker Gift Bag Set' is a sweet blend of practicality and affection. This set features a charming 'Kush on You' greeting card that comes with a discreet one-hitter for those special moments. The set also includes a 'Kush on You Toker Poker Lighter Case', a versatile tool for all smoking needs. Adorning this set is a delightful Kawaii Bud Kush Sticker to add a dash of cuteness. All these treasures are delicately wrapped in white and pink pot leaf print tissue paper and housed in a coordinating gift bag, making it a perfect gift for your cherished one. 💖🍃🎁

What’s Included:

  • Kush on You Greeting Card with One Hitter
  • Kush on You Toker Poker Lighter Case
  • Cute Kawaii Bud Kush Sticker
  • White & Pink Pot Leaf Print Kush Wrap Tissue Paper
  • Pink & White Pot Leaf Print Gift Bag
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