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KushKards x Toker Poker

Fly High Flyfishing Toker Poker Lighter Case

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    Hit the streams with swag – the Fly High Flyfishing Toker Poker is here to vibe up your sesh! 🌊🎣

    With its cool fly fishing print, it's all about chilling hard while aiming high. Your BIC lighter just got a major upgrade, making sure you're ready to spark it up in style whether you're out with nature or kickin' it back home.

    More About The Toker Poker

    🚀✨ Step up your game with the revamped Toker Poker, now featuring sleek metal upgrades, a snug lighter fit, and eye-catching colors!

    🌈 This pocket-sized powerhouse transforms your Bic Lighter into the ultimate multi-tool for every adventure, from camping to music festivals. 🎸

    🏕️ The retractable stainless steel poker tackles those tricky spots with ease, whether you're at a movie or just starting your day, while the built-in tamper/hammer ensures your mini-fires keep burning. 🔥

    🛠️ Crafted to perfection, the soulfully designed Toker Poker fits in your hand like a dream, promising durability and a quality that elevates your everyday. 🌟

    Size: 1.75" x 0.75" x 3.13"

    Design Details:

    Catch the wave of chill with our Fly High Flyfishing Toker Poker Lighter Case. 🛶💨 Deck out your lighter, grab the vibe, and stay lit like it&