Creating Content while Living in the Moment

How do you create content while still having fun and enjoying the moment? Well I have the perfect examples of this!

I recently went to a Pumpkin Patch Festival with the girls over at House of Fuego Jacquelyn Anthony 🔥 Nicole Sabilia and while we all knew the goal was to get a few dope pumpkins, I came ready with cards and Jax ready with a camera to take pictures.
Being a small business owner it is hard to separate yourself from work but with the luck of these two I was able to enjoy a fall activity.

We smoked a joint on the way. Walked around the festival, some got beer, some got pumpkins, some got popcorn!

Nicole set the mood and kept us laughing all day! We all had the best time and I couldn’t be more thankful to work alongside House of Fuego

When we were snapping pictures they made me feel comfortable in my skin, in the present moment and the pictures show it. Thanks for capturing a festive moment and getting me away from work.

See below for images by Jacquelyn Anthony 🔥
Are you able to separate yourself from being so focused on creating content which therefore leads to you you missing the moment?

AKA do you do it for the gram or does the gram get to see what you did?

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